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How does the additional revenue stream work for my chamber?

Your chamber will receive a promo code to promote to your members. This promo code will give your members 10% off their monthly subscription revenues, and your chamber will receive 10% of their monthly subscription as a revenue share to your chamber. 

As little as 50 Outstand users in your chamber will generate over $1,000/year! 


Why does my chamber login to our Outstand account at chamber.outstand.com?

The only difference you will see by creating an account at chamber.outstand.com is in the Message Library. You will see dozens of pre-written, professionally designed message templates that you can use for prospecting for new members, onboarding, holidays, invitiations, follow up, and more. 


How is Outstand different than other email communication platforms. 

Almost every single platform out there focuses on marketing tools meant for trained marketing departments. They focus on mass communication and a lot of automation. These things are great! However, their is a reason that business execs, account managers, and sales people don't use these tools. Outstand took these marketing tools and turned them into easy-to-use tools for every day use.

Instead of only tracking opens and clicks on a your beautifully designed company newsletter that is sent to everyone once a month, Outstand allows you to beautify your daily messages for things like follow up, prospecting, birthdays, 


How do my members benefit from Outstand?



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What commitment is their to join the affinity program?