The following materials will be personalized and provided to your chamber upon creating your chamber's free Outstand account at and contacting Marc Palud at 800-507-2459 or

Outstand will provide personalization and additional marketing assets upon requests so that your chamber can promote it's newest Affinity Program. The assets below are just a sample of some of the materials that will be available to your chamber.

Banner Ads

Banner ads will be customized with your chamber's promo code, which will enable your members to receive exclusive pricing.

Outstand Messaging

Inside your Outstand account, you will have content already created for you that you can use to send to your chamber members. This content will tell your members all they need to know about the value and benefits of outstand, as well as instructions on how to sign up. 

To access: Login > Message Library > Outstand Messages (category on the left sidebar)

Educational Webinars

Newsletter Content

Coming soon!

PDFs / Printable Handouts

These PDFs will be customized with your chamber's logo & promo code and will be sent to you to use however you see fit. New PDFs can be created based on need.