Outstand wasn't designed to be a tough-to-learn marketing tool that takes forever to use and even longer to master.

Get up and running and send your first message in less than 15 minutes! After that, with the same time & effort it takes to open up Gmail or Outlook to send a message, you can now send beautiful, noticeable, trackable messages to your recipients.


Every message is a branding opportunity

Your emails are designed around you, so you really shine! Make every message a stunning, branded messages that gives your recipient easy access to your face, your logo, and all your web and social media links. 

Add one at a time or do a mass import.

Import contacts from a .csv file, sync your contacts from Gmail or SalesForce, or just add contacts one-by-one as you need them. Store basic contact information such as name and email address in Outstand's Contact Manager, or use it to store additional details like notes, reminders, phone numbers, and more. 

Put plain-jane emails to shame. No offense, Jane.

Create stunning, branded messages to make a powerful connection and the right impression in any inbox.

The easiest way to send newsletters

See just how fast and easy it is to create your own newsletter. 

Rule the 7-touch rule with Automated Campaigns.

When a tool makes your work this fast and fun, you don't call it 'drip campaigns.' Using an automated campaign will add a little volume and variety to your relationship-building – and help you get your message heard.

Get your message to your recipient every time.

An average of 121 emails flood inboxes every day! It's easy to see why your recipient may overlook one. When you notice an 'unopen' in your Tracker, you can text your recipient a trackable link to your message right from your computer!

Make a connection from any direction.

Sometimes, standing out requires going "old-school". With the same ease of sending an email, you can now create a greeting card or postcard right from your computer. You can create and send to one recipient or hundreds, and it will be in the mail within 1-2 business days.

Use pre-written content, Track message activity

Knowing who opened your emails, when, and which links were clicked empowers you to follow up on time and on point.

Opt-in forms & auto-responders

Gathering leads is a breeze with opt-in forms that can be set up in just a few minutes. 


Get your message to your recipient every time.

With the help of our iPhone app, email and texting now work together to give you sky high open rates and startling response times.